Boys Cop Costume by HalloweenCostumes.com

Alright, everyone gather 'round. It's time for a game of the newest hit sensation to play amongst kids. It's all the rage really. The new game is cops vs. cops. And no! They're not facing off against each other. And they're not enemies! They work together to solve all of the crimes!That's right, there's no bad guys in this game. (Cause bad guys are no fun!) We're talking about different law enforcement agencies teaming up together to work the case and solve the mystery. It's going to require interdepartmental cooperation, teamwork, and, oh yeah, they're gonna need costumes too!You can suit any child up in this cop costume for kids, and they'll be ready to take care of securing safety in the streets while working with all of the other law enforcement professionals. Styled like a uniform a UK police officer might wear, the high vis yellow vest and checkered pattern on the vest, sleeves, and pants are all a sure sign that this little officer is working to serve and protect.He can team up with his friends from across the pond to solve the international fraud case, or just use the included toy radio to tell all his friends that the party's at his place tonight. Whatever kind of police mission he'd like to get into, he'll be able to do it with this kid's cop costume!

Price: $34.99
Condition: new