Child Jack Sparrow Goatee & Mustache from Pirates of the Caribbean by HalloweenCostumes.com

Your kid has decided to be the one and only Captain Jack Sparrow, but there’s just one tiny little problem in his quest to become the legendary character. He’s not quite able to grow the facial hair that Johnny Depp sports during all the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. So, what do you do? Get out a marker and scribble on your kid’s face? Do you invest tons of money in to products that promise to stimulate quick facial hair growth? Of course not! You just use this quick and easy costume accessory for kids.This Pirates of the Caribbean goatee and mustache set is designed for kids who want to become Jack Sparrow, the scallywag pirate from the Disney movies. Just apply them to your kids face to give him the instant look of Jack Sparrow. To achieve the best results, try using some of our spirit gum with the facial hair to ensure that your kid has a swashbuckling look all day long.

Price: $8.99
Condition: new