Child Kimono Princess Costume by HalloweenCostumes.com

Does your little one display all the charm, power, and poise of a lady? Your little gal sounds like someone with serious flare who sets herself apart from the crowd. We bet that everything she does becomes the newest trend around the cafeteria—look at all those kids who eat their veggies now—and we applaud her spunky spirit! Help foster her eye for style and cherish her confidence with this costume. She may even choose to pair this outfit with sneakers for gym and prove that she can score just as many points as the boys, maybe more! Dressed in this costume, your child is guaranteed to be a big hit across her school.This silky dress is the color of pink cherry blossoms and she’s sure to love the way the long sleeves flow as she sidles through the halls. You will love the way she lights up in the mirror when you finally secure her new hairdo, complete with pink headpiece and faux flower. It’s a truly inspired makeover that will tickle the fancy of any classy kid, and we bet she’ll have a ton of fun with this style!

Price: $24.99
Condition: new