Cotton Candy Clown Costume for Women by HalloweenCostumes.com

Let us tell you a little bit about this sweet clown right here…Most clowns are expert jugglers and balloon animal artists, but this pink-haired prankster chose different areas of expertise in clown school. Instead of using her time learning how to make water squirt out of a flower pinned to her clothing, this clown decided to dabble in glitter. As a result, the cotton candy clown can turn anyone's face into a glittery work of art. She specializes in adhering sparkles, jewels, and rhinestones to the skin. It's the new trend in face panting and all the kids are loving it. This cute clown is also a unicorn trainer. She's responsible for taking care of all the unicorns in the circus because she just has a way with magical beasts! Finally, the smiley clown also loves cotton candy, hence her sweet name. This cotton candy clown eats the sugary pink fluff for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. No wonder why she's always so peppy!If you want a chance to wrangle up circus unicorns and you have a particular fondness for cotton candy, then you'll love this colorful costume. The knee-length dress features a hot pink skirt, satin waist sash, and billowy puffed sleeves. A small blue party hat adds a festive touch while the matching gloves and ruffled collar complete the circus inspired look. Add a pink wig and striped tights for a fancy clown look that will earn you some clout in the clown community. Start passing out cotton candy to win over the audience and become the crowd favorite!

Price: $49.99
Condition: new