Dark Light Eyes Application by HalloweenCostumes.com

There's a common misconception that it is physically impossible to keep your eyes open while sneezing. This guy here decided to prove all of science wrong. Well he definitely did, and that, kids, is why when we sneeze, we close our eyes so they can stay in our brains, and not all over our friends. We're just hoping these grow back. It's a bit unsettling seeing him every day especially because of how it happened. We don't really know whether to laugh or cry. If anybody who wasn't there asks him though, he says it had something to do with seeing something he wasn't supposed to see so demons clawed them out. It typically draws a little more sympathy.For everybody else out there we can get a similar effect for a much shorter period of time with this Dark Light Eyes Application kit. The mesh openings help you see and really creep out your friends at the same time. Just remember about our little advice for sneezing. Watching that made us want to tear our own eyes out.

Price: $9.99
Condition: new