Jason Voorhees Hockey Jersey for Adults by HalloweenCostumes.com

We don’t recommend acting like Jason Voorhees. He’s a psychotic killer who goes around murdering stupid, yet innocent, kids. It’s really not a very becoming trait to have. It’s a not a good way to make friends and it’s against the law. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with wearing this Jason Voorhees hockey jersey, which is based on Friday the 13th movies.It’s made of a polyester material and has a hockey mask printed on the front. It also has Jason’s name on the back, along with the number 13. It’s comfy to throw on with your everyday wear, or as a costume. All you need to do to turn it into a quick costume is to add one of our masks and a toy weapon! It helps you get in touch with your inner Jason without doing anything the morally and socially deplorable. (Seriously, do try to hurt innocent kids just trying to go camping. It’s not cool.)

Price: $39.99
Condition: new

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