Olive the Owl Comfy Critters Blanket by HalloweenCostumes.com

Little kids want to be comfortable at all times. They don't want to wear itchy fabric or get dressed in anything that's too tight. Sometimes, it's even a struggle to make them wear a coat when they're playing outside and the weather is a little chilly. The next time your little one is defiant about wearing his or her coat, just give them this comfy critter blanket and send them out the door. Youngsters will love this piece of loungewear because it's half costume and half blanket. They can wear the Olive the owl character hood on their head while being shrouded in comfy microfiber fleece. This is perfect for days when your child refuses to be confined to a jacket. It's also ideal for camping trips and car rides! We have a feeling they will get a hoot out of it!

Price: $19.99
Condition: new